Cocktail Creation: Blackberry Lemonade

Aug 31st

As the summer days are winding down I am enjoying the final moments of fun summer cocktails. We’ve spent the last couple months trying new drinks and creating our own recipes. Whether with or without alcohol there’s endless combinations of crafty drinks to make. This one is from our wedding cookbook (the most amazing book ever!) and instantly it has become a favorite! I believe the original recipe is from a 2005 issue of Bon Appetit magazine. Whip up a pitcher for any Labor Day plans you may have this weekend…I promise it will be an instant hit! We served our with my minty ice cubes which providing just a hint more of flavor. And if you don’t drink alcohol? Don’t worry! We made a kid friendly batch too that was just as delicious. Follow all the same steps except using the vodka and substitute with more lemonade. Simple enough right? One last thing! This recipe makes a lot. I halved it twice to make a regular batch and a virgin batch that each filled up a pitcher.


3 cups Citron Vodka

6 cups Lemonade from concentrate

2 6-ounce containers Blackberries

3 tablespoons Sugar

4 Lemons cut into 8 pieces

4 tablespoons Ginger peeled and grated

8 fresh Mint sprigs

Start off with the vodka and blackberries.

Muddle the blackberries and add your vodka. Chill overnight. (we did for 5 hours and it was ok!)

Add your lemons, sugar and ginger to a pitcher. Muddle the lemons.

Once the berry/vodka mixture has chilled add to the lemons.

Fill the rest of the pitcher with your lemonade.

This will stay fresh for up to 10 hours in the refrigerator.

Garnish with a spring of mint.