Mrs D’s Sweet Tea

Sep 5th

On a hot day one of my favorite things is a glass of iced tea.

A friend recently showed me how to turn my boring iced tea into a delicious sweet tea.

And it is super simple….just requires a little sugar syrup.

Water, sugar and a lemon is all you need.

In her honor I’ve named it Mrs. D’s Sweet Tea!

Start with equal parts sugar and water. I did two cups each.

Make your simple syrup by placing in a pot on low heat to dissolve.

Add a couple of slices of lemon in for a little touch.

Once the sugar is dissolved, pour the mixture through a strainer in a jar.

Don’t get those seeds in there!

Brew some iced tea.

Then you have your simple syrup and iced tea ready to go!

Add some ice.

Throw in a little simple syrup to your tea.

A touch of lemon never hurt!

Voila….Mrs D’s Sweet Tea. Simple enough right?