Feeling Crafty: Sparkle Tray

Sep 7th

Randomly, one of my favorite wedding gifts was a big white tray we received. As soon as we got it in the mail I was creating so many scenarios for it’s use in my head. Outside for cocktails. Breakfast in bed. Holding some magazines and remote. Last minute bar set up. The options deemed endless! The one thing missing though was a little pizzaz. I felt it was too plain. Inspired by a post on this website, I decided to make my tray sparkle. For less than $2, I turned this otherwise plain tray into one that I have really been using non-stop lately. Do you have a tray you could spruce up a little bit? Any other crafty suggestions to share? Spill! Spill!



Sticky Tape



Measure the tape the length of the tray end. Cut and tape down on all four edges.