That Time My Kid Drank His Pee…

Sep 11th

That Time My Kid Drank His Pee

Yep, you read the title right. The following is a story to make you feel better about yourself. To make you laugh if you’re having a bad day. To make you look like a super-parent compared to us. To make you completely grossed out. To make never want a child. Or hey, to even make you raise your hand and say ‘been there.’

We just returned from our first family getaway, a week in Hawaii. It was absolutely amazing and so much fun, yet definitely different with a child (there will be a post soon on that!). Mr. Carter was in heaven swimming every chance he got, drinking smoothies endlessly and eating pineapple like it was his job. We worried about him sleeping well and in fact he’s never slept better. The photo above is from an afternoon we came back to the room and he just passed out. Yep. Out on the tile floor. Snoring.

But that’s not why you clicked on this…

It starts with the fact our kid loves to be naked. Fresh air, don’t care. He routinely pulls off his diaper any chance he gets so we’ve just adopted into this routine and act like we have a little puppy as we clean of puddles every so often. So we’re in our hotel room after a marathon pool session and big shocker Carter is running around naked. We decided to let him roam around, build with his blocks and do who knows what while we relax in bed for a bit. There’s no way for him to drown at the moment so we are “off duty.”

A few minutes into our siesta I start hearing a slurping noise. I think he’s getting some water from his sippy cup (which in my defense you guys know sometimes can make a slurping noise.) We’re laughing and reminiscing about the day and then I jump up. “Ryan, I think our kid is drinking his piss!” I run to the hall where he’s at and sure enough this is what I find…

My beautiful, perfect, angelic little boy naked on all fours with his lips to the ground in a puddle of his pee. And he was slurping.

The moments after are a blur filled with laughing, teeth brushing and more laughing. But there you have it folks. A true story on the time my child drank his own pee.

Do you feel better about yourself?