In The Kitchen: Shrimp Gazpacho

Sep 15th

What do you get when you mix fresh farmer’s market vegetables, some broth and spices? A cold gazpacho soup. I was first introduced to gazpacho last summer and I have become a big fan. Normally I don’t love cold soups (like cucumber…blah!) but I love this gazpacho. It’s freshing, crisp and extremely healthy. Since our schedules are a littler busier and we were having company over I decided to make a big batch for the week with this recipe from this book (inside here). It was delicious and perfect on a September afternoon. The trick? I think getting vegetables from the farmer’s market made it extremely fresh and extra delicious. It’s a pretty simple recipe with chopping being the only skill required.

This is what I used for a double recipe, but the instructions will be for a single.

Peel, seed and dice chop two cucumbers.

Dice chop two yellow bell peppers.

Fine chop six cloves of garlic and one red onion.

Add two cups of chicken broth.

A dash of some hot sauce.

A sprinkle of cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper.

Mix it all together in a big bowl.

Take out half of the mixture and toss in a blender.

Pour the blended half back in the bowl then cover and refrigerate for four hours.

Meanwhile, grill two ears of corn with olive oil brushed on them.

Chop a 1/4 cup of cilantro and a 1/4 cup of parsley.

A beautiful bowl of gazpacho with avocado, parsley and cilantro on top.

This can be vegetarian without the shrimp or you can throw some in the bowl.


Have you ever tried gazpacho? Are you a fan?