Hubby-Wife Life: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Sep 21st



I’ve previously talked about a few things I have learned in this little adventure called marriage. Though I must say these can apply to relationships that are sealed by the ring. Once of the biggest things I have learned is a little word called COMPROMISE.

Now in the scheme of life this could be something grand, such as deciding the paint color of an office wall. Or it could be something small like who is feeding the dog or who will turn the light out before bed. Whatever it is, I found our relationship is filled with lots of GIVE & TAKE.

So how do you decide which battles to choose? Which issues to bring up? My dad has told me that in marriage (speaking from 40 years of experience) you’ve got to choose your battles wisely. For example, which would you rather debate…a new chair in the dining room or where to go for a trip? Yes these really aren’t that difficult of things to discuss but ya get the idea. CHOOSE WISELY

Personally, I am a planner and loved to be organized. I tend to get a little out of sorts when something isn’t on the agenda or “orderly”. Let me tell you thought that I have gotten MUCH better and now those little things that I thought were merit for World War 3 seem so pointless. Oh ya, I’m growing in the little journey I’ve ventured on. MATURING

But now is the imporant part in which I tell you the secret to solving all (well a good majority) of our problems. ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. Yep that’s right. This childhood game solves all. Who will take out the trash. What show to watch. Which friend we get to see. Who feeds the dogs. And why does it work? You both agree going in that there is a 50/50 chance. There’s no cheating and you can’t back out. The system has been flawless for us.

What do you do to compromise in your RELATIONSHIPS? Do you have any fun tricks?