Closet Confession: Let’s Go Sailing

Sep 22nd

Skirt: Charlotte Russe Top: F21 Jewelry: Michael Kors & Grandma’s Gems Glasses: Thrifted Shoes: Rampage Purse: grandma’s

So we’ve established numerous times (here, here & here) that I love me some leopard prints. So why not continue to wear some of my favorite finds. I actually got this top when we were in Hawaii on the sale rack at Forever 21. I was beyond excited about it. Even though we are officially in fall there are still some pretty warm days amongst us. Luckily it’s light weight and can be paired with just about anything. I feel I can wear this outfit to a casual lunch besides the lake (which I did), running some errands (which I did), an afternoon session writing at a coffee shop (which I did), cocktail with a friend (which I did) and even a business meeting for dinner (which I did.) Yes, it was quite the productive day. When you love something do you make it a staple or just bring it out every now and then?