Pregnancy: This Is My Reality

Sep 25th

It’s time for me to vent a little bit, but prior to doing so remember this forum is my outlet for however I may be feeling. Despite whatever you read know I am still so beyond deeply grateful to be pregnant with this little girl and cannot wait to meet her. That should go without saying right?

So big shocker, but I am still not a fan of being pregnant. Remember last time? This time around it has already been quite the journey and I am only 4 months along. People, that means we’re not even half way! That’s 6 more months to go. Oh vey!

I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum again. Say that 10 times fast. If you’re up to speed with your royal news, it may sound familiar because it’s the same illness Princess Kate Middleton has. She totally copied me by the way, because I was preggo first BOTH times, but whatever. If you’ve never heard of it’s basically extreme morning sickness. And by morning sickness, they mean ALLL day sickness. I promise I won’t get too graphic for ya, but in the past 16 weeks I have lost 12 pounds due to things not really staying down. Ya know?


So this is my new reality. IV hydration two times a week for the past week which will continue for the next month. It takes about four hours, but cross your fingers folks I am requesting they speed up the bags today to make it only two hours. Do you know how hard it is to get my toddler covered for that long on top of trying to still get work done too? Quite the juggling act! The IVs are fluids to help rehydrate me and then I get a “baby gatorade” bag once a week to make sure baby girl is getting enough nutrients. She’s is totally fine by the way! Cooking on schedule and happy as one can be in utero.

As frustrating as it has been to be so sick, I am extremely thankful for getting these fluids as they help bring me back up to speed just a little bit. I have had very little energy, which is a mix of being preggo, chasing Carter and life, so anything to give me that extra help is greatly appreciated. I also look at is as a great time to get work done and even blog a little bit. Hopefully this won’t last that long but there is a possibility it can go through the entire pregnancy. It went to 29 weeks with Carter so….ya.

hi mom

The silver lining in all this are the photos I am sent while being pricked. Sidenote, I totally look like a druggie with holes and bruises all over my arms. I get sent photos of Carter smiling and videos of him saying ‘hi mom’ and it makes it all worth it. For those that love pregnancy, good for you. (bitches) For those that don’t, especially if this is your first, let me tell you it is completely worth it! Going through this again I know that the moment I held Carter for the first time in my arms, every moment of sickness and frustration washed out the window. I mean I got pregnant again right? It’s a tough time for a short period of your life that brings about the BEST GIFT EVER.

So Riley Chase Capretta, I am ready for you and cannot wait to see your beautiful face.