Move It! Monday: Back To Basics

Sep 26th

Thank you so much for your Move It! Monday requests.

Today we will go back to basics and learn how to engage the abs and stabilize the pelvis. 

Leg Slides

Set Up: You are on your backside with with a small fitness ball (optional) under one of your feet. The other leg is also bend with the foot on the floor.  Your pelvis is in a neutral position, your pubic bone and two hip bones are level.  You can feel a natural curve in your lower back.  Without changing your pelvis position exhale as you draw your abdominals inward and upward.

 Step 1: Allow one knee to open out to the side a few inches, while keeping your pelvis still.

Step 2: Slowly move the leg down in a turn out position until it is straight and lengthened, keep pelvis in neutral with the abdominals engaged.

Step 3: Press gently into the ball as you drag the leg in to the start position, keeping the pelvis still and the abs drawing inward & upward. 


Repeat 6 times to each side.


Thanks again for tuning in, feel free to email me with any questions Check out my website to see more!