Lemon Chicken Vegetable Pasta

Sep 29th

When it comes to pasta I have no self restraint. I could easy sit down and eat a whole box of pasta one my own, and yes I have done this. There’s something just so good about it. I don’t even need much. Just a little olive oil and cheese and I’m good to go. Well I’m trying to make “healthy” pasta which is me just adding some vegetables and chicken. My in-laws gave us the idea for this and since then we have made many times. We try to alter things a little bit and with this batch we only used olive oil and lemon as the dressing. Sometimes we use a balsamic but the lemon was delicious!

Start by chopping some bell peppers, squash, zucchini and onions. I then put olive oil on both sides, as well as some salt and pepper.

Throw those puppies on the grill until they are tender with some grill marks.

Cook a large box of pasta and while it’s hot add in some olive oil.

Throw in some chopped garlic.

A little bit of chopped basil with pasta never hurts.

Squeeze two lemons over the pasta. Make sure the seeds don’t get it!

Why not add in a little cheese?

Then some fresh arugala. My favorite in the pasta!

Then throw in some grilled chicken. I used left overs from this recipe.

And Voila!! My version of “healthy pasta”. Would you make this recipe?