First Date

Oct 2nd

First Date

The other day a friend asked me how Ryan and I met, which for those that don’t know us is kind of a fun story. Long story short, I tore my ACL and he did my rehab, proving that out of every situation there’s something good. But then she asked about our first date and I just started laughing before recounting the most awkward night EVER! So, I thought I would share the embarrassment as I honestly don’t know how we are still together.

At the time, I was a patient and younger (much younger) than Ryan. Well, still am obviously with our 10 year gap. There was an immediate connection for both of us but I think we weren’t sure if “those lines” could be crossed due to client-patient rules, age, family and what not. He knew I liked him and he clearly liked me as he made a Prince playlist for me when I came in to rehab. And I watched old mob movies like “Carlito’s Way” until 2am to make sure I had some cool Italian background conversation ready to go.

Being the chivalrous guy that he is, he called my dad and asked him if he could go to the movies with me. That really should have been my first clue that this was a date, but I am going to blame the ACL drugs on not being fully clear. So we met one night at the Agoura movie theatre, pre-renovation, to go see ‘Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby.” We got snacks and Ryan led the way into the theatre….it went down hill from here.

I started to panic. Was this a date? Was he into me? Were we going to be just friends? Guys, it was so stressful in those hobbling moments down the aisle that I made a decision that I would ultimately regret, but now makes for a good story. I LEFT A SEAT IN BETWEEN US. YES. AN EMPTY SEAT. Who does that? Even if he was just a friend, who seriously leaves a seat? I would like to blame being in a leg cast and needing more room or whatever, but I simply cannot. I was just awkward. And lost. Then throughout the movie we are laughing and I thought to scoot one seat over, ┬ábut then that would be even more awkward to get closer after being apart. Oh vey….

So we walked out of the theatre and were small talking about who knows what. The time came for goodbye and as if the night couldn’t be any more uncomfortable, Ryan went for a high five. A HIGH FIVE folks! Like full hand above the head, arm straight up, like your cheering your buddy that just came off the field type of thing. Naturally I responded and felt like shouting,’Let’s go team!’. But who am I to judge after my bold move?

Fast forward and somehow, yes somehow, after the most awkward first date ever we are still together. Somehow….

Please tell me there are other people out there with worse first date stories!!? Share!!!!