Move It! Monday

Oct 3rd

The Park Bench Push Up



Get toned summer arms with this one exercise.  You will work the chest, shoulder, upper back and tricep.  The legs and core will also benefit! 

Tip: you can also use your kitchen counter or the back of your couch

Set up:  Your hands are approximately a little wider than shoulder width apart on the back of the bench.  Walk your legs back so that you are in a Plank Position to start, with your elbow extended.

Keeping your legs active and together as well as your core drawn inward, bend your elbows as you bring the chest toward the bench (as low as one fist distance away from the bench).  Keep the length from your feet on up to the crown of your head.  Challenge yourself to start with 20 repetitions. 

This is easier than a regular push-up on the floor because your body is on an incline.





by Patricia Friberg

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