True Confession: Waking Up In Vegas

Oct 3rd

Oh ya…Vegas happened. A bachelorette weekend spent at the Cosmopolitan hotel with a group of amazing ladies was the perfect remedy for a little slump I happened to be in. First the bride couldn’t be more fun! You know those people that will do anything and laugh the whole way? Ya that was her! And the ladies in the group? One word to describe it all… AMAZEBALLS!

Now I know you’re dying to see some “hangover” like photos from a group of gorgeous gals. I’m sorry to inform you that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Except if you’re a blogger like me and you want to share some random photos of drinks, food, bathroom wall paper (yes, I was taking a picture while peeing), gorgeous hotel decor and even a little touch of entertaining fun! Sorry..these photos will have to do. Girl code ya know? But maybe the following happened…. stripper pole class, free bottle service in exchange for dancing, true confessions and of course the “waking up in Vegas.”

And on a sidenote, if you’re on the way to Sin City stay at the Cosmopolitan. So much freaking fun!!! That’s all she word….I need water. And Gatorade. And more grease. Ya…it was that type of weekend.