Cocktail Creation: Blueberry Mojito

Oct 6th

There’s just sometimes when you need a good cocktail. The standard glass of wine might not be suiting your fancy and taking a shot is something mother said not to do before 5pm. So in attempt to stay classy my father-in-law and I have a delicious blueberry mojito recipe for you. I was inspired to make this drink by one of my favorite restaurants in which they use fresh lavender muddle with bluberries and mint. Oh let me interject something, my father-in-law is the king of creating drinks. He always has something up his sleeve. So with his guidance we came up with this for a refreshing afternoon cocktail sans the lavender. For those out there that don’t want alcohol, splash in a little apple juice instead and add more soda water.  

Put a handful of blueberries in the bottom of a glass.

Add some mint leaves.

Then a couple slices of lime.

And a little more than a dash of sugar.

Muddle everything together. I use a muddler but even pounding with a knife will do.

Pour about 3 (or 4) seconds worth of Bacardi rum. Any light rum will do.

Add in some ice and then fill the rest with soda water.

 Put another glass on top to shake!

And Voila! Pretty simple huh?

Is this something you would make?

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