Quick and Easy Snacks

Oct 7th

While rushing out the door this morning to beat the traffic (wait…in LA there’s ALWAYS traffic) I grabbed a bag full of pre-washed, pre-cut, and pre-made food. The planner is me struck again! (For those who don’t know I’m a planner, always early, like things tidy and clean…I joke about OCD but I def have it)

The past couple weekends when we do our food shopping the week is planned out. After the store I spend an hour or so washing, cutting, and pre-making anything that I possibly can. We both have noticed this has helped so much. It’s so easy to get behind in the morning and just leave. This leads to buying food (usually not the greatest) and usually I’m hungrier throughout the day. Not to mention when two people in a household are buying lunch each day that adds up on the wallet. My philosophy is that money could be used for a nice date night out. 🙂

I’ve created a list of foods that are easy, affordable, filling, healthy, and yummy. They are great for anytime of the day. Since news is 24/7 I work at all different hours. All of these foods go well with my schedule and might work for yours too!

Hard boild eggs: I hard boil 18 eggs every Sunday. We both eat usually two and day. These are filling and healthy (Without eating the yoke, they are about 17 calories each.)
Fruit: grapes, apples, banana, pineapple, berries of all sorts–blueberries, blackberries, strawberries. When these are pre-washed it is much easier to grab a bag to munch on. Fruit helps with my major sweet cravings and is great for you!
Veggies: Cucumber, bell peppers, and carrots are my favorite to have cut up and washed! I throw some in a bag and sometimes add a little container of hummus or ranch dressing. Most of the time they are great plain, but a little change up now and then never hurt anyone!
100 Calorie Packs: Sometimes I need a carb….pretzels, crackers, anything! I used to buy the 100 calorie packs of Cheez-Its, pretzels, Wheat Thins, etc. Now I have the boxes of my favorite snacks and just put how much of a serving size equals around 100 calories. (Ok..somedays I do a little more! This is where self control comes in!)
Yogurt: Never been a big fan of yogurt but thanks to Dannon Light and Fit 80 calorie ones, I’m starting to like them more. Plenty of flavors to chose from and no chunks! I love to eat this in the morning with some berries, a sprinkle of cereal (loving anything Kashi or granolaish), or sometimes both!
PB & J: This is a classic yummy feast! When I want something filling but don’t feel like a turkey sandwich this is what I make. Lots of breads out there are lower in calories. Mine is whole wheat and 90 calories for two slices! (Sara Lee) Then added peanut butter (creamy is my choice!) and jam (loving raspberry!) makes for about 200 calories! Also helps with the sweet tooth…. (notice any trend with sweets!?)

Barley salad: Favorite dish to make a bunch of for the week. Sunday I make a cup of barley (takes about 40mninutes..similar to rice), cut, peel, chop a cucumber, dabble a little crumbled feta, chop up half a red onion, and throw about 15 sliced in half cherry tomatoes in a big tupperware. To dress this all you need is a little olive oil, white vinegar, salt (garlic salt if you like), and pepper. This is enough for at least 4 good size servings. I add the dressing the morning I am going to eat!!