Baby Goat

Oct 8th

Baby Goat….yes, my name last name means “baby goat” in Italian. Capretta!!! Since being married I have been trying to channel my inner Italian. While in Italy on our honeymoon I felt it necessary to take in an accent. Pregoooo! So when we got home I found another way to become “more Italian”. Cooking!

Our view in Capri, Italy!

Two weekends ago we had both our parents over for a wonderful Italian meal. (Here’s is where I am going to brag a little bit, but only because before I met hubster I didn’t know how to chop an onion…I’ve come a long way!) I made homemade pasta and gnocchi! Yes that’s right…from scratch. Flour, eggs, and potatoes! Pretty excited about this! But even more excited when I realized it really isn’t that hard. Personally I think the gnocchi is easier to make, but others don’t agree. To accompany I made homemade meatballs to go with hubster’s AMAZING meat sauce. So delicious!

Since then I keep trying to channel my new Italianness (not a word, but I like). Made a ziti the following weekend!! I still have a ways to go since I haven’t even seen “The Godfather” yet. I know, disgrace. Now would also be the time to mention I haven’t seen “Scarface” and “Goodfellas”. I was supposed to watch these before we got married….I will get right on it!!!

But if you are daring to try making something new here’s the recipe for gnocchi!! I served with pesto and shaved pecorino cheese!

1) Boil 10 Yukon or gold potatoes, unpeeled (take anywhere from 30min to hour)
2) Once potatoes are done, use fork or towel to hold, and peel skin off with knife
3) Use a food mill to grind the potatoes into a bowl
4) Add an egg and stir
5) Add one cup of flour to the bowl and mess together (get messy!!! use your hands!!)
6) Pour two cups of flour onto coutertop, cutting board or chopping block
7) Put dough into the flour and start kneading until the dough doesn’t stick anymore
8) Take pieces of the dough and start rolling out into snakes (I’m sure there is a propper term for this but this step reminds me of making snakes with PlayDoh)
9) Cut 1-2 inch pieces and press a fork to make groves in each on top
10) Bring a pot of water to boil and throw them in! They will float to top when done. Takes 2-3 minutes.
11) Drain, add olive oil, salt and pepper to taste…..or throw them in a sauce

**Tip…use lots of flour on your surface and a baking sheet to hold them on before you cook 🙂