Brazilian Blowout

Oct 8th
The Brazilian Blowout = My life saver!
Before I get into anything…let’s start with some before pics. (Beyond beyond embarassing, but I’m supposed to be candid with this right?)

 I have super duper FRIZZY hair! If I go outside and there is any moisture….hello wet cat!! It takes FOREVER to straighten, dries poofy, and is just all around not cute! I needed a solution and got it!

I had been hearing about people getting the Brazilian Blowout. Normally I am not into doing anything crazy with my hair (cut in blowdry is about it!) but I kept hearing the raves about this new creation! So I had to ask. 
My best friend McKenzie is a hair stylist at Serendipity Salon . After talking to her I was convinced and went for. Boy, did this ever save my wedding day and honeymoon! Normally after I wash my hair I am a mess, need a lot of gel, and usually just put up into a messy bun. But now I can let my hair air dry….yes AIR DRY…without anything! It’s insane!! Traveling I didn’t need my flat iron (well to be honest mine melted in the outlet our first night in Barcelona) and when I straighten it now it takes 20 minutes! I now don’t have too many excuses not to have my hair looking nice!  
The process does take a while, which is why it is a little bit pricey. 3 hours or so actually! Your hair is washed, then the product is placed in (takes a bit bc small pieces and smells a little), blowdry, flat iron, then hair is washed again, then blowdry and flat iron! It’s a on-going process. (*Note–if your hair dresser is not your best friend or you don’t want to talk for 3 hours, bring a book….luckily I like my company) You end up with tamed, super shiny, controllable hair!
And the best part? You don’t lose your curl! Everything is just relaxed a little bit. This is the perfect option if your are looking for silky, smooth, and shiny hair!!!
There has to be a catch right? Well, there kind of is. There are different types of the Brazilian Blowout. Recently an undercover report showed the use of formaldehyde in the treatments. From what I have read this is primarily in the Keratin Brazilian Blowout treatment. If you are looking into getting it, do some research and find out what treatment is being used. Or if you want the same one I got you can contact McKenzie at the salon.