Sister Week!

Oct 11th
This is I LOVE MY SISTER week.
If you have a sister who has made you laugh,
wiped your tears, hugged you tight, watched you succeed, saw you fail,
cheered you on and kept you strong, copy and paste this to your status.
Sisters are a promise that we will have a friend forever!

Our “Normal” Picture

Favorite things about my sis
1. She knows how to party
(ie.- dancing on the outside bar at our wedding)
2. Always there to talk when needed
(ie.- Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Texting or Phone)
3. Constantly full of ideas and thoughts
(ie.- quotes, job ideas, random adventures)
4. We share an obsessive compulsive disorder
(ie.- doors closed, things cleaned, organized)
5. Fantastic public speaker
(ie.- best MOH speech ever, her job, helped persuade parentals)