Inside My Home: Pumpkins, Candy Corns, Leaves!

Oct 11th

I’ve previously talked about how much I love the fall and decorating my home. To be honest, the decor went up in the beginning of September when LA was having a heat wave. I felt if I decorated the home with pumpkins, candy corns and plenty of leaves then maybe, just maybe, the temperatures required for drinking pumpkin spiced would magically appear. Though we still have warm days here and there I feel that fall is fully amongst us. The leaves are changing colors, layers have been added and I am pinning ideas like crazy for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I thought I would take you inside my home a little bit to see how I made some online inspiration become a reality. I’m not completely done as our annual trip to the fall festival to get pumpkins and corn stalks should be happening soon. Plus, my mom’s fabulous friend from this store┬áhas some extra goodies for me. I cannot wait. The only downside to fall? I have an unhealthy addiction to candy corns. Not good! Warning to family coming for Thanksgiving: it will look like fall threw up in our home. Sorry!