The Roundup– It’s Back!!

Oct 13th

One of my favorite things about Jo is the weekend reading list she provides each week. I am inspired for a home DIY, a new recipe or I read an interesting article that I wouldn’t have normally come across. A while back (pre-child and I actually blogged regularly) I would do something similar every Friday with what I was fancying around the web. That seems like so long ago.

But since it’s Monday and you know you’re already ready for the weekend, I thought I would put together a reading list for you! I’ve been coming across some great things that I would love to share with you. Make sure to check here, here and here too!¬†Enjoy this distraction from emails and work you’re actually supposed to be doing.


The sights of fall while walking this weekend.

Malala is beyond inspiring. We can all learn a little something from her.

I bought these for $4.99 last week.

Pretty excited about our website being re-done.

If this doesn’t make you smile, I give up.

I posted about this on my Facebook page, but these are the best six words to say to a child.

With a cool chill this weekend I felt it necessary to do a little fall baking.

For the first six weeks with Carter he slept on me and I’ve learned it’s a good thing.

I daydream about going here. And I’ve only got a few years until it’s under water.

Started reading this book. Hooked.

This movie was intense, despite knowing the outcome. Did you hear about this?

Great for holiday shopping.

The song I rock Carter to every night. Never gets old.

Any Beatles fans out there?

You mean I shouldn’t be eating my blue box Mac n Cheese. This is kind of scary.