Identity Crisis

Oct 15th

As a female and being biased, I’ve always thought that guys have it so much easier sometimes. Don’t get me wrong I like the chivalry of opening doors, paying for meals, getting flowers, being the “provider”. But really a lot of that isn’t too common these days. (*Note–hubby still opens doors for me!..big points!!) I thought the monthly flow, giving birth, having to get ready with hair & makep & clothes (guys have it sooo easy here), etc were a pain but all that was prior to changing my name!! Talk about the case of an identity crisis!

The actual changing of the name process was not too horrible. I heard scary stories of going to Social Security and it taking forever, but I got a little tip. A friend recommend I go to a local office rather than a main one. Saved my life!!! (**Note–for future brides out there here are steps: 1) get a copy of your marriage license, 2) go to social security office 3) go to DMV….VOILA!)

My crisis began once I was legally changed with a new drivers license, social security card, and all! Getting cleared for my job….the process. It ended up being a five week process because of the name change. I was so restless and frustrated all because of changing a name. (I love my new name…had a good run with Medders, but Capretta just sounds cool!) Also, every account I have ever had was my old name. Trying to remember what things are what was so confusing. Until I had my new license I couldn’t even buy alcohol!! After a couple weeks of holding to ids and trying to remember which name I am in what, I am fully Mrs. C!

And then other day when hubby was mentioning about having to wear a ring now…..well I didn’t even want to get into that discussion. Guys just have no idea!