Kids Say The Darndest Things

Oct 17th

In one week from today I will be returning as a Sunday School teacher for one hour. Last year I worked with the Kindergartners and this year it will be grade school kids of all ages. So in honor of working with the little ones again I have TOP 5 in their honor. (**Sidenote–so much respect for teachers!!! I’m good with one hour a week…how do you handle 5 days!?!)

Romantice Advice from Kids

1. “You should never kiss a girl unless you have enough bucks to buy her a big ring and her own VCR, ’cause she’ll want to have videos of the wedding.” — Jim, age 10
2. “Lovers will just be staring at each other and their food will get cold. Other people care more about the food.” — Brad, age 8
3. “Romantic adults usually are all dressed up, so if they are just wearing jeans it might mean they used to go out or they just broke up.” — Sarah, age 9
4. “See if the man picks up the check. That’s how you can tell if he’s in love.” — John, age 9
5. “Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough.” — Lynnette, age 8