Caramel Apple Jello Shots….It Happened

Oct 19th

So remember during the summer when I told you about making Jell-O shots? No, click here. It’s one of the most important things I have learned since being married. Well during that weekend of making them, a couple of us came up with the idea to have a Jell-O shot contest. Why not right? Well since the summer was too far away we decided to have it at my in-laws annual Ocktoberfest party. Perfect to go along with brats, beer and pretzels.

Well when it comes to competitions I take it pretty seriously. Serving a fun Jell-O concoction in a plastic container just wouldn’t do. I was going up against some pretty crafty people….quite intimidating I must say. Well thanks to the blogging world and the Internet my crisis was averted. This fabulous recipe from That’s So Michelle sealed the deal. (Sidenote–need ideas, this is the place to come!) They were simple and quite the hit.

Maybe I’ll make them again for Halloween? Adult trick-or-treating I’m thinking…..