The Roundup: Baby Goats Unite

Oct 20th


My baby goat petting a real baby goat.

My baby goat petting a real baby goat.


It’s always tough to get going on a Monday, especially after a great weekend. We took Carter to the pumpkin patch for the first time and all I could think was how excited I am for as he gets older. It was so fun watching him take everything in and even pet some animals. Cheers to a great week and here are some links I think you might enjoy….


Love this list of 8 Things Ever Happy Woman Should Have. (thanks Emily!)

Humans of New York has become one of my favorite photos sites, so naturally I loved this interview.

Talk about being a romantic.

Now I am the queen of Google. Thanks!

I mean how cool is this? What rockstar would you dream of it it was your choice? I’d say Prince or MJ. (rip)

The cutest Taekwondo Fight.

I think I could manage having to go swimming in one of these spots.

This could not be more true as I was tap dancing in the grocery aisle the other day.

I think there are some pretty good ideas here. Have you tried any?


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