Fake Mashed Potatoes

Oct 21st

With my “No Carbs After 2pm” diet, I have started to find easy and yummy recipes to help supplement my cravings. Cauliflower mashed potatoes are my savior. Before you say yuck and stop reading, you need to give them a try! We were taught this recipe a couple years ago and it is now something I am really turning to. And believe it or not, they taste great and have the consistency of mashed potatoes. With some salmon, broccoli, and a side of these “mashed potatoes” I am a happy camper. I even forget for a little bit that I’m eating a vegetable. 🙂

Here is the easiest way to make them….

1) Cut the stems of one cauliflower head off. (Get rid of all the green)
2) Boil and steam the chopped cauliflower for about ten minutes, then drain.
3) In a blender or food processor, blend the cauliflower.
4) Add a little (pick one of the following you like) sour cream, heavy whipping cream, or creme fresh.
5) Keep adding a little and blending until the cauliflower is the consistency of a mashed potatoe.
6) Add butter, salt, pepper, cheese or whatever other flavoring you may like!!!