DIY: Drab to Fab

Oct 23rd

For the past couple weeks I haven’t been using my new camera as much. Sidenote, new camera was due to a camera-fatal accident on Cinco de Drinko. RIP Mr. Canon. Anyways, I’m in love with this new one but quite frankly the camera strap it came with is super ugly. I know that sounds silly but I am just not a fan, so I have been scouring the world wide web trying to find something to make up for it. Well, at my girlfriend’s wedding a couple weekends ago one of her friends had the cutest camera strap. I fell in love instantly!! Turns out it’s a belt she found at Zara and made it into a strap. So that night I got home and Operation Camera Strap commenced. Now I carry mine wherever I go, so expect more photo to come! Here’s the simple steps on how you can make this yourself.


1. Purchase this belt or one like it.

2.Wait patiently in the mail!

3. Using a pair of pliers, open and clip the ends on the side of the camera.

4. Tighten shut.


That’s it.

An chic velvet chain with an adorable bow!

Super easy right?