‘Power 4 Pink’: Off To Toronto For A Camera Closeup

Oct 24th

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The time has come!!!

As you may have seen me mention here or here, I am off to Toronto to be a part of my first workout DVD. The amazing Patrica Friberg (from my “Move It! Monday” series) won a NATIONAL competition to have a DVD made. Because she is so fabulous 100% of the net profit from this DVD will go directly to breast cancer research. 100%…do you hear that!?!

She’s truly an angel! 

The past couple months Patricia has led myself and two other fabulous women through training and rehearsals. We are her Power 4 Pink backup girls. Can I just tell you how fun this is? Not to mention the workout is AMAZING, it’s been a blast getting to know a wonderful group of pretty impressive women. We have all volunteered our time and travel so I am not trying to sell you on this to make a pretty penny. The DVD is set to come out in January and I cannot wait for you to see it. It’s a mix of cardio and toning like you’ve never seen before. Unique exercises to hit those tough target areas for people of all workout levels. Can you tell I am fan?

I am on the plane to Toronto now (the morning after an insanely fun wedding….this is rough!) and get in late this afternoon. From there we have a mini rehearsal and then a full night’s rest of some much needed beauty sleep. Tuesday morning begins with hair and makeup pampering. Can I tell how honored and excited I am to be in this video? We then spend the whole day filming the different segments while smiling the whole time despite my abs shaking. Sidenote, I will be the girl in back with the shaking abdominals by the second series. Just saying!

After filming we are headed out for a fun night in Toronto. Ladies night celebrating the “ta-tas!!!” I have never been to Toronto so send your suggestions…please!! Dining, drinking and dancing requests are much appreciated. I’ll be back Wednesday so a super speedy trip. Make sure to “like” Patricia’s page on Facebook and follow on Twitter to get all the latest announcements of this DVD. There’s going to be plenty of behind the scenes photos soon!! It’s going to be HUGE. Mark my words here…right now…on this little ‘ole bloggy!!!