Fred’s Cleaning

Oct 26th
Confession: “I am a housewife that has a compulsive cleaning problem.”

I love cleaning!!! Love using Windex to wipe dog dirt off our living room table, Febreeze for a quick fresh up, and fluffing the pillows. Nothing is better than coming home to a clean house. (I got these genes from my father….ex: he makes the bed when he gets home from work despite going to bed in a few hours)
So with wooden floors and dog hair…the combination is deadly….I used to use the Swiffer. BUT not anymore! Thanks to Fred’s Cleaning Products I am a happy cleaning housewife. They have AMAZING products that are affordable and for purchase online. Their SOClean wooden floor cleaner with the Microfiber Mop Kit is my new best friend. Rather than spending a lot in Swiffer pads that are used once (and I find have a little too much moisture), you wash the mop in the washer and let it dry. You save money and are being green! (Quite the popular combo nowadays). Plus my bottle has lasted for two months and it’s not even half way gone!! Check our their website…I know you won’t be disappointed!