Closet Confession: Minted Leopard

Oct 30th

While the East Coast is suffering from Hurricane Sandy, us over here on the West Coast are continuing to experience the hottest fall I can ever remember. We got a few days of cooler temperatures which was such a complete tease as my sweaters, boots, crockpot and scarves are crying my name. Add being pregnant and sick and to me this heat has been unbearable.

One benefit? We’ve been taking nightly walks with the dogs in which the temperature cools down a little bit. It’s at these times I am taking every opportunity to wear all my favorites pants because who knows when I am not going to be able to wear them anymore. At 14 weeks I am enjoying any second I can pop these suckers on!

So Mother Nature, please cool down so I can wear all my colored and fall pants a few more times before the bump comes!

K, thanks!

Pants: Rich & Skinny Top: Bull Hat: from Florence (gift) Shoes: Vera Wang (thrifted)

Glasses: Coach Necklace: NYC street vendor