Happy Halloween: Chili, Cornbread & Cupcakes

Oct 31st


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Happy Halloween!

Hope your day is filled with lots of treats, tricks and costumes. I am looking forward to our annual Halloween gathering tonight with chili, cornbread and cupcakes. Can’t go wrong right? We live in “trick or treat” central with our doorbell ringing from 5-10pm nonstop. I cannot wait to see all the fun costumes and give extra handfuls of candy to the little ones dressed as pumpkins! Our neighbors set up a big haunted house while another neighbor plays spooky tunes on his piano. Needless to say it’s an entertaining night! Oh how times have changed from the slutty outfits and crazy parties. (sidenote, why is Halloween an excuse for the bras and panties to come out in full force?)

Any fun plans on your end?