Boots, Boots…I Love Boots!

Nov 2nd

So I got these boots….

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on them so I thought I would spread the info. They are from CATHY JEAN and SUPER comfortable! And to make things better….they are on sale!! Woot woot! My are actually in the taupe suede color which I am finding go with EVERYTHING! They go over the knee (which is amazing for me to find since I’m so tall) but they also fold down if you would like for the Puss&Boots look from Shrek .

And while on the topic of boots, I’ve noticed that some of them can be really expensive. I try not to fall in love with a pair until I turn the bottom over and look at the price tag. (While walking in Nordstroms fell in LOVE with this one pair that was super cute….$400…I convinced myself not that cute). The website ALLOY has some cute boots at a very affordable price! Check it out!!