In The Kitchen: Cambo’s Heath Bar Cake

Nov 17th

Cambo. Cami. Cameron. Also known as my cousin-in-law/former roommate. Better known to you now as the woman who created one of the most amazing desserts of all time.

Who will then be known as the woman you despise when your pants don’t fit. Any shall do.

So Cambo, one of my favorite people, introduced this amazing treat to hubster and I one night while she and I were living together. Let’s just say not a bite was left as the three of us sat with forks in hand eating from the pan (while possibly watching “Gossip Girl”).

I can pretty much assure you that you will never have a cake so moist with the perfect candy crunch on top. The best part is how easy it is. Well, this is also the worst because it can be made whenever, wherever.

This cake is recommended for days when you really don’t care what you are eating. You’re not counting calories. Because let’s be honest…there’s nothing even slightly healthy about it. It’s a treat. A splurge.

The best thing ever created when Aunt Flo is in town. You feel me?

It’s so simple….go make it RIGHT now!!!

Then let me know what you think!?!

What you need….I couldn’t find a Heath bar so I used Skor instead.

(many puns could be inserted here….I’ll save you)

Start by making a box of chocolate cake. Once it is out of the oven poke some holes. 

Pour the condensed milk over the holes and spread with a spatula. 

Pour and spread your caramel.

Spread a layer of Cool Whip. Don’t be shy now! 

Crumble your candy bar and sprinkle on top! 

Refrigerate until serving. 

And here is where you thank Cambo….yes, a big thank you!