Times Be Changing….

Nov 17th


To be quite honest, I sometimes forget I am pregnant. Well, that is until I rush to the bathroom and well, ya know….sorry this has been quite the graphic pregnancy thus far. However, something happened this week that made me really realize I AM HAVING A BABY!!

At this time last year I was scouring the web for the best Black Friday deals. Whether it be for early holiday shopping, or let’s be honest those new boots I have been coveting, I was looking for the perfect bargain. When it comes to deals and haggling it’s a sport in our house. I was laying in bed playing on my computer and looked up to see my search engine keywords as “Black Friday Baby Deals.” What!?!?

What is happening? I’m hunting for our furniture, cute outfits, bedding…you name it. We’re having a couple showers but there’s some thing you want to get on your own. Well, next Friday I shall be at Babies R Us as the doors open for the “door buster deals.” Stock up on diapers? Why not? We’re really going to get our nursery furniture but who knows what I will come out with. If it’s a good deal, I’m a sucker.

So times be changing in this household. And also I’ve set up baby/kid Pinterest boards. Say what!?!?! This is insane!