National UnFriend Day

Nov 18th

To fellow social networkers: In case you haven’t heard today is National Unfriend Day on Facebook. Late night talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel has declared the new holiday. And what does this mean? Well pretty simple….unfriend people on Facebook. Sure you may have 1,000 friends but how many of the do you really know. It’s time to get rid of the “excess”. So go ahead, start clicking away. I have yet, but you should know tomorrow if you made the cut. Just kidding… ;)…kinda! And if you need some help deciding…here’s a Top 10 List of who you should unfriend!

TOP 10
1. Your parents…sorry
2. Your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend….no stalking needed
3. You don’t know the person….this is just a given, why have them?
4. ´╗┐Someone who invites you to Farmville or tons of events….just gets annoying
5. You would never say hi to this person is real life….awkward
6. People who update their status every 5 minutes….I DON’T CARE!
7. Your parent’s friends….word travels!
8. Their status is always depressing….Facebook is not the place to vent to the world
9. Someone you previously blocked…somehow they came back!?
10. Someone you just don’t want knowing your business….may be used against you somehow?
“UNfriend people!!!!”