Move It! Monday: Extra Cardio For Turkey Day

Nov 21st
This week a table full of turkey, carbs and sweets will be amongst us.
Add a little extra cardio to your workout routine this week!!!

High Knees

Purpose: To increase the heart rate/ burn calories and work the the legs and core

Start with your feet directly under your hips. Check in with your alignment: toes facing forward, find your weight distributed in the center of the feet with the arches of your feet lifted, knee caps lifted,  pelvis is in a neutral position, ribs are soft to the body, collar bones are broad across the chest, and the crown of your head is lengthening up toward the ceiling.

1.Place your hands slightly below the waist area

2  Lift your right knee up to touch your hand.

3.Place your foot down articulating your foot toe to heel

4.Simultaneously, begin to lift the left knee up to to touch your left hand

Repeat back and forth for 30 seconds

Tips: Focus on the your posture keeping your chest open through the movement, feel your abdominals engage as you lift the knee up
Modification: You can do this movement one knee lift at a time as a march without a hop in between shifting from one side to the other
For more exercises or questions make sure to visit Patricia Friberg here.