Holiday Traditions

Nov 22nd


In Mommy & Me yesterday we talked about holiday traditions. With Thanksgiving less than a week away and the Christmas season (or Hannukah!) amongst us, it’s fun to think about what we will want to do with Carter as we gets older. Growing up I don’t know if we had too many “traditions” but I loved little things like always going around the table and saying one thing your thankful for. I love that my parents instilled in us a sense of giving back as we even spent a Thanksgiving dinner at a hathaway house one year. Since Ryan and I have been together I’ve learned more about food and football being a lovely gathering and cornerstone for the holiday weeks, plus I deep fried my first turkey!

Christmas Eve with my Santa Clause two years ago!

Christmas Eve with my Santa Clause two years ago!

As a married couple, we started a few traditions that I look forward to every year. We adopt a family from church and have a blast shopping for them. This year we picked a single mom with three kids, including two boys, so someone I know was a little too excited to be able to go to Toys R Us and not have it look weird. We also do a clothing and food drive throughout the months of November and December at our building. Last year we went to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving eve and it’s something I would love to coordinate again. These small notions of giving back really remind me what the holiday season is about. Of course now with Carter I cannot wait to go crazy with fun activities for him, but I do think it’s important to teach him from a young age how truly lucky he is and it’s important to remember those less fortunate.

So what do we do with him?

There were some great ideas in class yesterday like a day before Thanksgiving wine and pie party….I’ll drink the wine as baking and I have a turbulent relationship. Or a “Friendsgiving” the day after with leftovers. I know we will do the Elf on a Shelf starting after Thanksgiving with a gift of holiday pajamas to wear during the season. Maybe a cookie decorating party with friends? Of course driving trips in the car with hot coco to see Christmas lights and the obligatory trip to sit on Santa’s lap are a must.

Since I’m new to this whole parenting thing, I would love to get some thoughts, suggestions or ideas on your favorite family traditions!


PS- My house is fully decorated for Christmas even the lights outside. #ProudMoment