The Roundup:

Nov 24th

Happy Thanksgiving week! So looking forward to celebrating Carter’s first turkey day. It’s pretty easy to determine this year what I am thankful for…the most amazing, health and happy little boy. We are so blessed to have wonderful family, friends, a growing business, a new house and each other. As I’ve said before here, I love that I live the most extraordinary ordinary life. Couldn’t ask for anything else!

As you head into the holidays (Happy Hannukah friends!), here’s some reading links for ya:

Baby Boy

Ever have a day you feel stupid? These people will make you feel better.

Stop yelling at your kids.

We made individual breakfast bowls this weekend. They were delicious! (see here)

CANNOT WAIT to start this with Carter.

These parents rock.

Made one of these for Carter this weekend and I’m pretty excited about it.

Please tell me you’ve met this little boy and you’re heart melted.

I made a wish list. I mean, birthday and Christmas coming up.

Last year’s thankful list. Can’t wait to show you my 2013 resolution.

The world isn’t THAT bad.

I mean, this is just genius.

At night, I fall asleep looking around and I have no control.