My Stomach Hurts

Nov 26th

It’s 12:24am and I am at work. Booo to the midnight shift the next five mornings. And of all days to come in….after I stuffed my face!?! Normally I am not the biggest Thanksgiving meal eater. Never really liked much besides turkey and mashed potatoes. But oh no, this year I decided to binge. Pictures will be posted of my lovely Thanksgiving soon, but thought I would share everything I ate.

My in-laws and whole new family are amazing cooks. Everything is done from scratch and tastes so amazing. Case and point? I’ve gained 15 pounds since first meeting this family and actually eat things besides chicken and broccoli. So rightfully so we didn’t have one turkey to pick from. There was smoked, deep fried, and baked. Choices, choices, choices. I gotta say the smokey was my favorite. Then why do regular, boring sweet potatoes when you can kick them up with a chipotle spicy sauce and bake them? Delish! Mashed potatoes of course….extra whippy and buttery. Perfection. Stuffing….never eaten this before honestly….was amazing! The sausage, spice, and surprise crunch of celery had me wanting more. Loved a new recipe of green beans smothered in a lemon sauce. Helped me feel “healthy”. And the surprise kicker this year? Homemade cranberry sauce that I ate on the turkey. Another first for me. I’d being lying if I said I didn’t eat more, but those are the ones that topped the list.

And of course dessert….apple pie–even the crust from scratch! Pumpkin pie (made by yours truly), two different pumpkin cheesecakes, peanut butter cup cookies (I’m not allowed to make these bc I sample too many!) and pecan bars!! Needless to say I am BEYOND full. I ate over six hours ago and I still can hardly move. Benefit of working right now…burning more calories that I would be sleeping? Makes me feel slightly better about my eating tonight. Clearly don’t understand the concept of control. Clearly….

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving as well!!