Move It! Monday: “Moving” Those Holiday Pounds

Nov 28th
Are you still full from Thanksgiving? Did you add a couple extra spoonfuls to your plate? Well it’s time for Move It! Monday with Patricia Friberg! She’s full of fabulous fitness advice so make sure to check out more on her website. ALSO, tune in today HERE at 7pm PST as Patricia will be talking a guest on Mamavation! This exercise is great to do a couple times a week especially during the holidays. 

Moving Plank

Benefits:  Strengthen your core, arms, shoulders, bottom, legs and burn a lot calories!!!

Set up:  Plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders, you feet are together and you are on your toes. Your pelvis is in a neutral position with your abdominals drawing in. Your head stays in line with your spine.

1. Keeping your body  & core stable, bend your right elbow/ forearm and put it on the floor.

2 Bend your left elbow and place it on the floor

3 Then, keeping your solid plank position, straighten the right and then the left.

Repeat this 6- 10 times

Then, Repeat the series starting with Left then right on the way down to the elbows and on the way up.