25 Day Countdown!!!

Dec 1st

(and a big Happy Hanukkah for all my Jewish friends!!! The start of 8 CRAZY nights!!)

In honor of the holiday season beginning I have created a Top 15list of my favorite Christmas movies!
You have 25 days to watch these while cozzied up to a fireplace with hot coco in hand!
Obviously, there are many more great holiday movies and I might have left out some big ones.

MY TOP 15Christmas Movies
(in no particular order because they are all great!)

1. ‘Christmas Vacation’: a family tradition and classic we watch every year….thanks Clark aka Sparky for years of good laughs and I am glad I don’t have a  Cousin Eddie

                                                                      Chevy Chase is the perfect antidote to too much holiday schmaltz. Watch him bungle around for an hour and 37 minutes and you can sit through three viewings of "It's a Wonderful Life."

2. ‘Elf’: who’s kidding who…I watch this year round. Don’t think you can beat Will Ferrel in tights singing Christmas songs. He’s the best ‘cottonheadedninnymuggin’

3. ‘Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer’: the old 1960s version of course. I remember watching this movie all the time when I was younger. A true classic, plus it’s fun to sing the song too!
                                                               Thank goodness for stop motion animation, because Rudolph wouldn't be nearly as charming in cartoon form. Somehow the jerky movements and static sets make Hermey the misfit elft, Yukon Conelius the prospector and the Bumble seem timeless.<br><br>And the songs will get stuck in your head (you're humming “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” right now, aren't you?)

4.  ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’: who doesn’t love the Peanuts gang? Charlie, Lucy and friends make for a great family friendly evening. This is one cartoon no one can be too old to watch!!

5. ‘A Christmas Story’: “You’ll shoot your eye out” Must admit, it took me a couple times to get into this movie but now I find it hilarious! Good ‘ole Ralphie. I always wanted to try the whole tongue and cold pole thing.
                                                           "You'll shoot your eye out!"<br><br>If you don't know that phrase, or any of the countless other gems in this off-beat holiday movie, then get thee to the video store now. Ralphie's Christmas quest for a Red Rider BB Gun will make you laugh until your funny bone is sore.

6. ‘Home Alone’: “I made my family disappear!!” Hands down one of my favorites. Many Christmas songs remind me of this movie and the infamous shaving “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Plus I envied the whole bobby trapped house and kind of wanted to try it.

7. ‘Home Alone 2: NYC’: when this movie came out my family stayed at the Plaza and they gave all the kids those cool tape recorder thingys. Mom…where is mine? Nothing like Kevin McCallister in NYC. “Keep the change you filthy animal.”

8. ‘The Grinch’: (the new one with Jim Carrey is one I prefer) This movie brought to life the Dr. Seuss book I loved to read. And who cannot laugh at the ‘Who” noses. And Molly Shannon…hilarious! This is such a fun movie, with of course some good adult humor brought in!

                                                               Jim Carrey had great material to work with when he transposed Dr. Seuss' classic into a live action movie. But if anyone could take on the over-the-top, greedy, Christmas-hating Grinch, it was Carrey.
9. ‘Miracle on 34th Street’: true confession…I cry when I see this movie. The black and white version with Natalie Wood cannot be beaten. Love watching this by the fire all cozied up!!!

                                                      Sure, it's a little creepy that every character looks like Tom Hanks (including the young main character). But the magical movie about a little boy who lost his faith in Santa is still required viewing.
10. ‘A Christmas Carol’: who doesn’t love Scrooge? My older brother used to be in this play when I was younger so it brings back fun family outing memories. There’s a couple different versions, but I like the old classic one (not a big Jim Carrey fan) 

11.‘The Santa Claus’: who wouldn’t want their dad to be the real Santa Claus? A fun family movie that’s always great to watch!! Plus I love the elves in this one!

12. ‘White Christmas’: I think this one rounds out the list for the classics with Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas’. Fun old musical!
                                                           Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" is the definition of the holiday season. And this happy, colorful 1950s musical is the perfect medicine for a holiday season filled with worries and fears.

13. ‘Love Actually’: true confession…..I haven’t actually seen this movie. And I don’t know why because I LOVE Hugh Grant! But everyone says this is one of the best for the holidays and the hubster likes this one. Top one on my list to watch this season!!!

14. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’: a mother’s favorite. This was always my mom’s top pick and I was hesitant because it was in black and white. But of course now I love!!! A tear jerker too…right?

15. ‘Polar Express’: ok if you haven’t seen this movie, you have too!! Was pleasantly surprised when this came out. It’s full of fun singing and dancing with the voice of Tom Hanks in there too 🙂 Fun story!!!