Christmas Decor

Dec 2nd

Woohoo!!! Our home has been turned into a winter wonderland and I couldn’t be more excited. We started the decorations last weekend (the day after Thanksgiving…duh) but the final touch…THE CHRISTMAS TREE…was purchased last night.

My models dogs!!

Glad this made it to the living room!

On a brief sidenote, the guys at the tree lot didn’t strap it on very well….not well at all. Within two minutes of leaving the lot while driving down the boulevard the tree came off!!! Luckily it somehow didn’t end up on the street but we had to pull over, put the hazard lights on and held it on the rest of the way home. I was half way out the window…fun times!

Makes me feel like I’m at a lodge….kinda

From hubster’s grandparents…vintage and reminds me of Cousin Eddy in Christmas Vacation.
Know what I’m talking about?

Beautiful homemade gingerbead house my mom had made for us!

Candles that smell of cinnamon and Christmas tree fill the house, Reese’s and Hershey’s holiday candies fill each room, garland and lights wrap in all the places I could find, the kitchen towels have been replaced by penguin ones and a Santa mitt too, while the poinsettas and wreath proudly guard the front door. OOOOOO I love the holidays!!!! And being our first married one makes it so much more special.