Holiday Gift Guide: For The Ladies In Your Life

Dec 6th
Ladies Holiday Gift Guide



How’s your holiday shopping going? Have you started? Are you super ahead of the game and have everything finished? If so, I envy you! This year I am baking for a lot of my holiday gifts, but I do have a couple family members I am shopping for. When it comes to getting a special lady something, I try to think of items that I know I use and love. So in a way, this is almost a personal list too. Here’s some ideas…let me know what you think!

1) Candles: If you know me then you know I have a minor obsession with candles. There’s dozens in my home. My best friend got me a Voluspa candle last year and it was amazing. It smells the whole house and lasts forever. My other favorite candles are Rosy Rings which I find here. They are so beautiful and burn for up to 30 hours!! Spice Apple is my favorite.

2) iPhone Case: Or Blackberry….. Who doesn’t want to have a cute case for something that’s attached to the hip. Think of a fun design that fits your ladies’ personality. This glitter one from J. Crew is fabulous! (If someone has me for Secret Santa I would be thrilled!!) How about a monogramed one? Esty is great for finding little shops!

3) Frames: Visit your local thrift shop, Michaels or find a cute boutique online. You don’t have to spend a lot when it comes to finding a good frame. I love to put a photo of me with the person, them with a loved one or a random scrapbook memory. It’s a personable and affordable gift. Did I mention thoughtful?

4) Scarves: What woman doesn’t love a good scarf? This knit eternity scarf comes in different color with a fabulous price point of $11. I love eternity scarfs as they are fun to wrap around and layer. What do you think?

5) Watch & Bangle Set: Oh I am in love with this! Aren’t these just fabulous? Since they aren’t available online you can gather some bangles and a simple watch. Have fun and add a little pop of color. Wouldn’t this be something fun and personal to put together?

6) Camel Tote Bag: I crush all things camel. A simple tote bag is a handy accessory for any woman’s wardrobe. I found this one that I think is super sleek and functional. Did you see the price too? Hard to beat!

7) Nail Polish: Whether a stocking stuffer or a fun gift, everyone loves a little sparkly nail polish. This OPI set by Sephora has a variety of bling for the holidays and New Year. Think red for Christmas and gold for New Year’s!!!

8) Monogrammed Tea Cups: How cute right? This is another affordable gift that shows some thought and personalization. Fill the cup with candy canes and homemade cookies. Or stuff it with their favorite warm drink…hot coco for me please! I love these, these and these that I found!