The Big Apple

Dec 6th

our trip to new york city was nothing short of magical and for many reasons. first, we were in the most amazing, diverse and festive city during the holidays! second, the kids won gold stars for the week with how well they transitioned, adjusted to be in a different time zone, were on the go, etc…big win! bean is short of russian roulette sometimes and there was only one 10 minute breakdown over not having the same fork as carter. a complete win. third, this was our first trip just the four of us. we kept saying how “weird” it was to be with each other so much uninterrupted. and lastly, i didn’t work. for the first time really i can remember, minus a few emails here and there, i didn’t bring my laptop or do anything. a true vacation. it was the most freeing experience and i learned that it’s possible and we need to be doing more. the entire combination of the perfect positive storm (oxymoron?) is making me want to already plan our next adventure!

in a period of five nights we packed more into our calendar than i thought possible with littles. when we went over the itinerary prior, ryan kept saying he was already tired and needed a vacation. from dinning at some of my favorite spots, like serendipity and sarabeth’s, to walking the entire city one day (4 miles!), to seeing the rockettes and taking carter to a knicks game, to even jetting over to brooklyn for an afternoon, and to managing seeing two santas, we were on a roll! oh and how can i forget a full day in central park which included the zoo and ice skating….errr, an ice lap complete with an epic fall (see above!). not to be forgotten, in true ‘home alone in nyc’ fashion, the kiddos wore matching flannel pjs, ate pizza and ice cream, and of course over-flowed themselves on hot coco. i expected nothing less.

the best part of traveling with the littles was arranging a sitter for a few nights so we would go out. we had one of the best dinners at il mulino, and thanks to brazilian martinis before hand, we were going for some “artsy” photos. oh vey. the highlight was seeing billy joel in his city, well i feel our favorite city, and having him place literally every single one of my favorite songs. he opened with “miami 2017” which i told ryan i wished he did. (look up the history, kind cool) i’ll spare you the unhealthy amount of videos i have that we both took throughout the concert, but if you’re lucky enough you may have caught the show on my snapchat. coffee the next morning was needed.

the magic, the allure, the vibe, the smells, the sounds, the romance, the novelty, the buzz, the diversity, the joy, the wonder, the lights, the food, the spirit….it all made the perfect week possible, and i’ll say it again, MAGICAL.