Dec 7th

So after looking up some fun winter coats/gear last night, I was looking on ALLOY for some fun accessories. Like I said, I love this site because they are super affordable! I’m a big fan of scarves, bangles and fun necklaces. They are fun to use to dress up an outfit just a little bit without getting too crazy or going uncomfortable. At work I find I have to be a little more simple, so fun accessories like these bring it up a notch. Here are some things I found that I LOVE, but the site has a whole lot more!!!

 Annika Scarf   $22.90

 Carnaby Braclet Set $22.90

Coryn Scarf  $24.90

Vivian Earing Set $24.90

Heavy Metal Necklace  $19.90

  Lacey Crochet Scarf