Closet Confession: Looks Like A Christmas Tree!

Dec 7th

Vest: Alloy Sweater: Express Skirt: F21 Purse: TJ Maxx Jewelry: Michael Kors, Vintage, IHOD

Ok seriously one of my favorite things about Christmas is going to pick out the tree. We always go at night and spend a good amount of time walking the aisles to make sure we find the perfect “Griswold FAMMMMMILY Christmas tree.” The past two years we have selected a “light flock”, not the full flock as that is too much. Why? Because we don’t get snow in So Cal so why not pretend you do with your Christmas tree in the living room. While the bag and load the tree onto the top of the car I walk around imagining getting the really big 12 foot trees and how much fun it would be to decorate. Of course we go back and forth with “did we get the right one?” or “noble or fir?” There’s quite a lot of decisions to be made.

When I was younger we would go to a lot where we could chop them down ourselves. Maybe we should try that next year? Have you ever done that? Well, following picking the tree and getting it on the car is the ride home. This year we made is home safely, but let me tell you about last year. Within one minute of driving on the street, the tree started to fall off. (Rookie tree car tie guy) I spent the next five minutes hanging out the window on probably the coldest night of the month making sure the tree didn’t cause a massive road accident. So much smoother this year it was almost a downgrade. Anywhooo, the tree is now up and decorated but of course since I was so excited I felt it necessary for the bloggy outfit photos.