Best Dog Ever

Dec 8th

He loved to cuddle in any blanket!! Looks like a little model

 It saddens me to have to write this post. Early Monday morning we had to put our dog Zuma to sleep. Unfortunately while we were out of town, he ate something toxic. They are not sure what it was, but it shot his liver. The enzyme needed to save him is made in the liver, so since it failed there was no way he could make it. With no chance of surviving, we chose to end his pain and put him in a better place. Both of us have never had to do this with a pet before so it has been heart breaking, especially since it was so sudden.

Mr. Cuddler

 There have been so many people who have sent us the nicest messages and thoughts about Zuma. My favorite is when people say they didn’t like little dogs or dogs in general, but loved Zuma. I have yet to meet anyone in the 8 years of having him who didn’t love him. He honestly had the best personality and was such a love. And it makes me smile when I think about how Ryan’s mom knew he loved me….Ryan watched Zuma one day while I was working and when he ran away he was so worried. The two of them together always brought a smile to my face. The true epitome of a love-hate relationship, with the majority being love. So many funny stories I could share, but that would take forever!!! He became a better dog being around Ryan and to see how much Ryan loved him always meant so much to me. What guy really likes a little dog?

The dogs all cuddle together….every night.

First meeting with Tank….the playing would continue despite the size changing.
They loved to cuddle. The night he passed, Zuma kept going to curl up with Tank and Tiny.

We will miss many wonderful things about him. He was always right on the couch when we walked in the door, wanting to play as soon as he saw you. There will never be a dog who loved to cuddle and burrow on a blanket as much as him. I called him Harry Houdini as he could escape from any backyard and loved to roam the streets. Despite being so little he ran the show as Tank and Tiny’s big brother. Being 115 pounds less than them didn’t stop him from showing them who’s boss. And boy did they love him. Tank and Zuma used to play on the couch…well Zuma on the couch so he could be Tank’s level. Tiny followed him around and has developed his nibbling syndrome. (she nibbles EVERYTHING!) And who can forget the two big dogs chasing Zuma around the house and under tables. Hilarious, especially when eventually they got to big to run under the table and would get stuck. He would look back with a grin on his face like saying “dummy”!

The 3 amigos

Recently Zuma loved to sit on top of Tank while he was laying down. This was my favorite as Tank would never flinch. It was just something the two of them would do acting like no one was around. And cooking won’t be the same as he was the best vacuum cleaner to pick up anything! Anything that hit the floor he would be waiting to grab. We have such great pictures and memories of the three of them together. The house is truly not the same.

The cutest cow possible!


It is so hard to know that he is gone but once the initial shock and pain leave we have so many memories to remember. My sister in law sent me the best message yesterday and it is true. She said years down the road we will all be able to sit around and laugh about his funny memories and talk about what a great dog he was. I couldn’t agree more. He made the funniest noises, especially if he wanted you to pick him up or give him food. And for a little dog so smart! There was just something about him, that truly made him the best dog ever and he will be greatly missed. We are very blessed to still have Tank and Tiny, which I feel is making these past 48 hours a lot more bearable. So for those who have pets, give them some extra love. You honestly never know when they will be gone….

The last time I was able to hold him.