Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Dec 8th
(because I am a nice daughter I will not release the real age!)
I have been blessed to have the greatest dad…honestly.
Since I have been a young girl we have always been really close.
So in his honor, I have a Top 15 list of my favorites about him.
There’s obviously a lot so I had to narrow it down.
  1. Always available for free gyno advice, order my prescriptions, and getting me appointments asap. As I have grown older I am learning these are extremely important. (also thanks for allowing many of my friends to be able to call you with their girl problems…little weird but thanks)
  2. For tucking in his collared shirt into his sweat pants, while his white tube socks come above the bottom of the sweat pants. In sneakers and a hat also of course….instant entertainment.
  3. For always taking a page a phone call–the most reachable man in America and understanding that when I paged him *911 the other week for an emergency it was for fashion. I cannot wear new suede boots in the rain so he went and brought me my Uggs. But asked black or grey…what is better for your outfit? It doesn’t get much better than that folks!
  4. For finally learning how to type on a computer. (well at work he gets to talk into a microphone and it types for him) Graduating into the age of technology, that includes text messages, has made him ‘cool’.
  5. For being my personal handy man. He is always available to untangle my necklaces (hey you still have some I need back FYI), help replace some lightbulbs I cannot reach, and fix doors in the bathroom.
  6. For teaching me the Michigan fight song so young. My first outfit was a Michigan onsie….literally…and I feel the need to make a comment like “Go Blue” to anyone I see wearing Michigan. Yes, I was taught to do this. And I have an natural hatred for anyone who likes Ohio State and Notre Dame.
  7. For his stir fry dinner. I can honestly say one of my favorite meals of all time is the doctor’s chicken stir fry complete with rice, broccoli, snap peas, and carrots. This is a go-to staple dinner.
  8. For being my best friend. He is someone who I can tell anything to and know that it will not be repeated. Someone I can ask relationship advice and know he has probably gone through it. And especially being linked in and ‘cool’ with technology, I know I can always find him.
  9. For passing on his OCD. Thanks to my father I like everything clean. Like him, I clean up piles of papers, always make the bed (even if I just get home from work), love doing dishes and laundry, have to clean up as I go in the kitchen, and much more! Because of this I make a very handy housewife but also drives my husband crazy….especially when a pile is moved. Sorry blame the doctor!
  10. For allowing me to call him “Faj”. Since Austin Powers came out I don’t think I have called my dad “dad”. I have found the need to replace him name to something annoying and he let’s me do this. On birthday cards, in family emails, and even in my phone he is known as “faj”.
  11. For making me a “blubberina”. Dang it. My dad cries at EVERYTHING!!! This includes commercials, movies, and he has a hard time making public speeches as he starts crying. I cry very easily at songs and movies, so naturally I am going to blame my father for this. I just say I’m very sensitive.
  12. For letting me be with Ryan and encouraging it. Since day one of our relationship my parents have been beyond supportive. Their little girl was dating someone older, which many parents would not allow. They love Ryan as their own son, which is the greatest gift I could ever ask for. But I must say they gang up on me sometimes which is not cool.
  13. Well while on the topic of marriage….thank you for providing us with the most beautiful and memorable wedding. Everything from the reception to the food was perfect in our eyes and we couldn’t have been more blessed for such a special day. (And thank you to all the people he performed unnecessary surgery on….just kidding!!!)
  14. For his corny jokes and one liners. He has the ability to make a group of people really laugh and also the gift of receiving pitty laughs. Quite a skill. His corny jokes never get old and make me laugh every time. “Hey, don’t be funnier than me.” “Roger that, 10-4.” “I may have been born at night, but I wasn’t born last night.” “Go ahead…make my day” (when entering a door…if he goes in front of you.).”A dog follows their master”
  15. For loving my mother. As John Wooden said “The best thing a father can do for his children is love their mother”. My parents have been together for 40 years and in this day that is very rare. They have always been an example how no matter what how to make a marriage work and always love each other. This is a lesson that I have learned over time and I am truly blessed. Thank you!