You Know You’re A Mom When….

Dec 10th



You’ll stop everything when your child decides to fall asleep on you.
You understand Bill Cosby’s correlation between a sick kid and glazed donuts.
You plan everything you will get done when your child falls asleep on car ride home.
You realize while planning your child will wake up.
You never underestimate the success of a good transfer.
You don’t mind snot being your new lotion for a few days especially on the shoulders.
You determine the strength of poops by number of wipes.
You mad dash scramble to get as much done during a 45 minute nap.
Your perfume not by choice is spit up.
You’ve mastered picking noses.
You have to buy more memory for your phone’s photo and video storage.
Your designer glasses are the new favorite chew toy, naturally.
You finally spend time to do your hair only to have it up in 2 minutes.
You have Prosecco during play dates.
You’re crying at every Gerber commercial.
You realize you’re turning into your mother.
Your razor blades have rusted.


….and for some laughs I put this together for ya.