Happy Birthday Madre!

Dec 11th
Since it is a big one, I thought I would share.
On a brief sidenote, both my parents don’t look their age! I hope I get those genes!
As a tradition for my parent’s birthdays since they are so close, we take them to a restaurant they have never been before. This year we went to Sol y Luna in the valley. (a post on this to come!)
I am out of town on her birthday so I thought I would do a Top 15 list for her as well!!
  1. For Triscuit Wonders. My mom was never one to cook lots, but these are my favorite snacks ever!!! Melt cheddar cheese on top of a triscuit with butter and garlic salt. Super simple, but super delicious.
  2. For Madre. Like for my father I have a weird wanting to call my mother ‘madre’. She’s stored like that in my phone and yup I put it on birthday cards too! Uniqueness.
  3. For giving me my love of the arts. From dancing to singing, my mother has been the main force behind my passion for all of these things. As an opera singer and actress herself, she passed the love to me.
  4. For her text messages that always make me chuckle. We taught her how to email and we got long messages. We taught her how to text and I get pages. This always makes me giggle.
  5. For her passion. There is not another person I know who has as much energy as she does. Whether it was a project for school, volunteer assignment, or running concessions at my little bro’s school, she does it 110%. Something I have learned to love and admire.
  6. For the 17 days of birthday. Ok I am really spoiled by her here. For my 16th birthday she did the 17 days of birthday and it has happened again this year. Something so fun about being able to open a little something each day. This is something special she’s done with just me and I feel so lucky!!
  7. For her broccoli. This is my favorite food and it because of my mother. It’s a simple veggie, but she does it just right. The perfect about of butter and garlic salt. I have yet to be able to make it myself just as good as she does.
  8. For my little pup Zuma. Though he has left us, I must thank mi madre for him. She was the one who fell in love with him as well when we first saw him. Her fantastic negotiating skills convinced my dad that I could have him….as birthday present of course!!! He was the best present of all time!
  9. For her thoughtfulness. She is constantly thinking of others and I have never seen someone with such heart. There is never a time when she isn’t on her way to do something kind for someone else. She truly have a heart of gold and people say this all the time.
  10. For our nail days. Some of my favorite memories and conversations we have had have been at the nail salon when we both go. We sit side by side and talk about anything and everything. Plus Connie, our nail lady, sometimes chimes in which is always enjoyable.
  11. For all the driving. If you know the Medders’ family, you know we were always on the move. From swimming, to dance, to school, to who knows what we lived on the go. And behind the wheel all the time was my mom. We were so fortunate to have such a blessed and wonderful upbringing by being able to be apart of so many different activities.
  12. For the Medders’ van. While previous mentioned we were always on the go, we had the most comfortable ride!! The giant purple van! The seats went down into a bed in the back, there was a tv to watch our favorite movies Heavy Weights and The Wilderness Family (sidenote–if you have never seen that you must!), and of course a bag of grapes and mini bagels!
  13. For introducing me to Ryan. While on spring break a couple years ago my mom was raving about this guy who was training my little brother. “Oh great another trainer,” is what I thought. She insisted he was the nicest guy and cute too. “Awkward,” I now thought. Well who knew 4 years later we would be walking down the aisle together. Nice pic mom….I think he’s cute too 🙂
  14. For my love of mac & cheese…blue box of course. While always being on the go, this was a quick go to dinner for our family. And let me tell you….to this day I still think it is the best. And it is honestly my favorite when she makes it. The proportion of cheese to milk to butter ratio is perfection.
  15. For loving my father. As I said when I wrote about my faj, this is the most important lesson parents can teach their children. I am so blessed that through the years of crazy schedules, 4 ever so different children, and a whole lot more they are still together. There is nothing to difficult for them to deal with and I admire that more than words could ever tell!