In The Kitchen: Holiday Egg In A Hole

Dec 11th

One of my all-time favorite breakfast dishes is “Egg in a Hole”. I first learned about this simple recipe at a summer school cooking class in first grade. I vividly remember them having us write down the recipe for using a cup to cut out a piece of bread, then adding an egg to the middle. So fancy right? Well I decided to have some fun and channel my inner 7-year-old self by using holiday cookie cutters instead.

The steps are simple.

It’s delicious.

Have fun!

Use any cookie cutter of your choice.

Cut your shape while heating a pan with butter.

COnce the pan in sizzling, add the bread in. Butter the top side.

Add in your egg or egg whites after 30 seconds or so.

Add some salt and pepper.

Flip over and let the opposite side cook for about a minute.